University of Toronto 



 September 15th, 2020

A publication based on the study of phosphorus cycling at the sediment-water interface in the Lake of the Woods by a postdoctoral fellows in our group, Dr. M.S. Alam, Dr. J. Li and master student B. Barthod “Geochemical controls on internal phosphorus loading in Lake of the Woods” is available now online in Chemical Geology.

June 18-23, 2020
Adina Paytan and Maria Dittrich are hosting the Theme15c “Diversity and Inclusion in the Geosciences” at the Goldschmidt 2020
June 24, 2020
Zach Diloreto and Maria Dittrich are giving the talks at the Goldschmidt and are the co-authors at the third presentation

  Dittrich, M, DiLoreto, Z. A., Bontognali,T.R. R, Liu, H., Lu, X. (2020). Variances in proto-dolomite formation by exopolymers from oxygenic, and anoxygenic microbial mats and clays.