Research on bio- and geosphere interfaces

The long-term objective of my research program is to deepen our understanding of the processes at the biosphere and geosphere interfaces by performing field studies, laboratory experiments and modelling tools. My group focuses on studying of carbon, nutrients and metals behaviour within natural and anthropogenically impacted aquatic ecosystems.

Microbes-minerals interactions

Microorganisms have shaped and continue to impact the chemistry of their environment. At the same time, the environment strongly influences the ecology and structures of microbial communities. My group aims to understand the complex mechanisms of mineral formation in the presence of microorganisms in ancient and modern environments. Our goals are also to apply this knowledge for the rock record interpretation and for development of bioremediation techniques. (link to the projects: Qatar (two projects) and biocement/desalinisation

Biogeochemical cycling of nutrients: fundamentals and applications

The trophic state of aquatic ecosystems is strongly affected by the geochemical cycling of carbon, nutrients and metals within both the water column and sediment. Close to the sediment-water interface, a complex web of biogeochemical and physical processes determines the fraction of organic carbon, nutrients (internal loading) and pollutants that is released to the overlying water or permanently buried. Field and laboratory analysis are the primary tools for our investigations of the effects of temporal variations in the environment, such as seasonal, climate change-induced, or direct anthropogenic changes.

Reaction-transport modelling

Where the field measurements are impossible or expensive, and laboratory measurements are not appropriate, reaction-transport modelling is an indispensable tool for investigating interplays of the processes, verifying concepts, and predicting the outcomes of management activities. (link to the projects Lake of the Woods, Bay of Quinte, Lake Winnipeg, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, Hamilton Harbour, Georgian Bay)

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